Borderless 2020: Evac, Repat, Return


Project Description

‘Protecting Those That Protect Others’ – The Travel Risk Event for the NGO, Humanitarian and International Development Communities 

Moving a person or people, likely across international borders at pace, with limited resources and under extreme pressure is an area of deep, evolving and unpredictable elements. 

The route to an evacuation decision is in itself complex as is the decision making process of what kind of evacuation or indeed ‘hibernation’ might or might not be an option. Differing demographics of employee or person under your duty of care can cause huge complexities depending on their nationality, health, documentation, ethnicity or even their own emotional state or reason to insist upon remaining. 

Your partnerships, choice of providers and implementation of their services will never be more acutely needed than during this time. 

Medical evacuation is an area many think they truly understand or ‘have covered’, but often this is not the case and the mechanisms naively or habitually relied upon can be far more complex than first thought. 

Are you someone with a voice in the NGO, Humanitarian or International Development sector, with experience to offer or with a need to hear and build relationships with a group of others who deeply understand how evacuations work? 

Borderless 2020 will operate under our ‘Forum 100’ format

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Borderless is now in its 4th year and has become the annual nexus for travel risk stakeholders from the humanitarian community to share, benchmark and advance their understanding and capability.

What is the
‘Forum 100’?

Forum 100 is part conference part summit. 100 key stakeholders from the world of Humanitarian, NGO and International Development will come together to hear, share and debate the theme of the day, which this year is Evacuation. 

If you would like to be one of ‘the100’ and considered for a place at Borderless 2020 then don’t delay, fill in the ‘Delegate Request Form’ below. We will reach out to you to confirm your place and tell you more. There is no fee, but you must hold a current role of responsibility within the sector. 

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