Beyond Duty of Care 2019: Mental Health & Wellness in Corporate Travel


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The 2nd annual event…

Business travel can be empowering, invigorating and enriching. It can also be exhausting, ill-timed and stressful.
Does your organisation truly understand, acknowledge and attempt to mitigate the psychological effects of the business travel you ask your employees to undertake? Could you react quickly and effectively to support a mental health crisis overseas? Do you promote wellness and health within your travel policies and practices? Join us for a day that puts mental health and wellbeing at the heart of the travel risk discussion.

Delegate Gift: Dr Lucy Rattrie’s book: Happy & Here

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Confirmed Sessions

SESSION 1: Dr Lucy Rattrie – CPsychol, Ph.D.

What You Need to Know to Survive, Thrive and Get More Out of Business Travel

Never before have we been surrounded by such an intense desire to be healthy and happy. It’s so simple, yet as we chase its elusive beauty, we allow lives to speed up, expect more of our travellers, propelling them forwards often weighed down with demands. In this informative and interactive session, you will appreciate the difference between surviving vs. thriving and start to think about its impact to the business traveller and organisation. Together, we take a look at pillars of wellness for energy management to prompt thinking on how to enhance your travel approaches and your own happiness, discussed with practical tips and a scientific lens, to ask yourself and your travellers the question of the day: are you surviving or thriving?

SESSION 2: Dr Anthony Renshaw, Medical Director, International SOS

Influencing the Conversation: How to Bring Health and Wellbeing Into the Boardroom

This session explores a topic that is front of mind in many organisations – how to be heard by the board or executive management. Workplace wellness often moves to the top of the agenda when a crisis triggers senior level interest. But how can those involved in managing health and wellbeing make their cases heard, and convince senior stakeholders that workplace wellness is not a nice-to-have but integral to sustainable, long-term success? Our presenters will discuss how to position health and wellbeing initiatives by sharing best practices and case studies in this interactive session.

SESSION 3: Annekatrin Madlung, Managing Director, Global Recourse Ltd & Wellbeing Operations Consultant at Amnesty International & Consultant with Article 19

The Challenges of Wellbeing in a Global Workplace: Integration is Everything

Wellbeing and security are inextricably interlinked. The role of global security in the wider sense and travel security risk assessments and mitigation measure more specifically is to keep the individual safe and to ensure that the organisation is able to deliver its strategic goals without damage to reputation and financial loss. Therefore, it is paramount to see/understand the importance of embedding wellbeing and mental health processes, systems and conversations into organisational processes to ensure strategic and integrated approaches across programmes, teams and departments not only to benefit the individual but also to strengthen management and ultimately ensure that an organisation is able to deliver its strategic goals.

SESSION 4: Dave Cope, Group Crisis manager, Vodafone Group

Why Did you Ask the Question? What’s the Worst That Can Happen… and Everything you Didn’t Think About!

A case study of consequence. A mental health incident by its very nature can have unpredictable and in some cases extreme impacts, extending much further than the individual(s) involved. Investigations and reviews will not start and end with that one incident and could impact future operations and potential damage to an organisations reputation on many levels.

Where does corporate responsibility start and end, and how far is it possible to mitigate risk?

SESSION 5: Stuart Andreson, CEO, eTravelSafey & James Barton, CTO, eTravelSafety

How Technology is Changing the Travel Safety Industry: Using Technology to Bring Travel Safety to the 21st Century

In a truly eye-opening session, Stuart and James will be using a range of examples, case studies and stories in explaining how the use of technology is transforming industry methods to help mitigate risk.

SESSION 6: Panel Chair: Nicola Lomas

Expert Panel: Best Practice for Travel Managers: A Practical Discussion for Adding Wellbeing into Your Travel Programme

In this session, five large corporate entities discuss the ways in which they have successfully incorporated mental health and wellbeing into global travel programmes which empower the mobility of tens of thousands of business travellers every year.

SESSION 8: Charlotte Copeland, Managing Director, Safehaven Trauma

Mental Health Incident Planning and Psychological Trauma Support

Expert psychotherapist Charlotte Copeland delivers a best practice session in building a health incident planning infrastructure for your organisation. Notepads at the ready – you will learn a lot in a short time within this valuable and educational session. It’s no longer the ‘Golden Hour’ but the ‘Platinum Minute’ needed in your ability to respond to your people in need when overseas.

SESSION 9: Jonti Dalal-Small, Travel Sector Expert in Behavioural Science

Behaviour Change

From the Gruffalo to the Vietnam War. What stories and context can tell us about helping travellers think, choose and feel better.

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