Introducing Travel Risk Media

The Team at Travel Risk Media   •   Aug 2018

Our Journey Continues… ‘PEAR Insights’ becomes ‘Travel Risk Media’

Like all good things our business has evolved over time, the way we communicate with our community has grown and diversified, the understanding of just how large our audience is has matured and the ambitions we chase have gained clarity and height.

What has not changed is our reason for being, and our core mission to help you protect your People, Environment, Assets & Reputation. So whilst we are evolving our brand, our values will always spell out PEAR.

Introducing Travel Risk Media.

We are building a global tribe of Travel Risk Professionals who take on the challenge of Travel Risk Management every day. Our mission is clear, ‘Safer journeys, for your people, the world over’

‘The Annual Travel Risk Review’

Once a year we will publish the ‘Annual Travel Risk Review’ which goes in print and digital form to each and every subscriber. It is also handed out to over 1000 delegates at our various events. This annual publication is full of expert content, insightful case studies and provides the vehicle for the review of what the year has held and also what might lie on the travel risk horizon.

‘The Travel Risk Reporter’

Our readers have come to trust in the fact that our fortnightly ‘Travel Risk Reporter’ contains short, sharp, valuable content that brings key issues and lessons learned to the community at large. The content is aimed to do one thing – empower each reader to be aware of and learn from something that others have either done, observed or narrowly avoided.

Please sign up to receive these publications on the ‘Publications’ page of this website.

Our Events

Our portfolio of conferences and events continues to expand, for more information about any of the below events please visit our website.

Education without Borders 2018, Students & Staff overseas in a High Risk World
Business without Borders: Incident Response
Borderless 2019: The Humanitarian Community’s Travel Risk Event
Beyond Duty of Care 2019

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you as ‘Travel Risk Media’ in the very near future.