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Some of our global community actually have the word ‘travel’ or ‘risk’ in their title, but the vast majority don’t. They might have words like ‘security’, ‘health’, ‘resilience’, ‘insurance’, ‘continuity’, ‘emergency’, ‘crisis’, ‘sustainability’, ‘safety’ or ‘legal’.

That’s because the problem often summed up by the term ‘Travel Risk Management’ or crudely by the widely used term ‘Duty of Care’ is an issue so pervasive as to be inherently ‘shared’ by many within any one organisation and ‘owned’ by none. As such most of our readers and delegates have a big part of their working life which is nothing to do with travel risk, but a significant, fascinating and challenging part that is.

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“I was lucky enough to find a job that truly fascinated me. I was working with the world’s largest Assistance company helping clients with travel risk problems ranging from medical evacuations,  pre-travel awareness training and kidnap response, to building occupational health solutions and medical infrastructure in some of world’s most remote and wild locations. It took me all over the world and over the years one thing became very clear, the challenges being overcome by organisations were huge and the solutions inspiring, but there was no way to share these journeys and progress the field as a whole. That is why we started Travel Risk Media.”

Ben Cooper,
Founder & Managing Director 

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